Our Creative Process

earring cards full image

Making every piece of jewelry by hand is an art.  No machines. No mass production. Everything we do is made by hand with love and pride. 

Our design process begins something like this: First we sketch new designs on paper, then comes shaping and forming the silver into a finished work from our conceptual designs. Hand-texturing and shaping wires and sheets of metal brings our designs to life.

Next come the earring cards for an original display. Something different, something original. After looking at commercial, mass-marketed products, we decided to not go that route at all, creating our own hand-painted original art earring cards. We paint abstract art on a large canvas by mixing colors to achieve the right blend, and using different techniques to make the paintings come alive. We then measure and cut individual earring cards from the larger work. We sign each of our earring cards because they are an original work of art, which comes complimentary with each purchase.

We are very environmentally conscious, therefore, we are pleased to say that we utilize environmentally safe methods when making our jewelry. We purchase and use non-toxic solutions for both preparation and cleaning.

We value and support our community by purchasing materials locally.