Care and Cleaning

Since our jewelry is made from .925 Sterling Silver, it will tarnish if it is not properly stored and cared for. Storing is not difficult. Storing in an airtight container is recommended. 

To keep our jewelry bright and shiny or to remove light tarnish, we recommend the following steps: 

After each wearing, we recommend cleaning by hand with a jeweler's polishing cloth. For a light cleaning and to remove minor tarnish, please use “Kiehl’s Coriander Bath and Shower Liquid Body Cleanser" mixed with water. Add a few drops of the Bath and Shower Body Cleanser mixed with water until lather forms. Let the jewelry soak until shiny. It is safe to leave our jewelry in the solution overnight. This is safe for cleaning both the silver and semi-precious stones. Rinse with water, let dry, and hand polish if needed. Please do not use “silver polish”, “jewelry cleaner,” baking soda, or any harsh chemicals. Harsh cleaners and chemicals will damage the sterling silver and semi-precious stones and the damage is irreversible from improper cleaning.

This is a really simple and easy way to preserve the beauty of sterling silver. We follow this procedure ourselves to clean our own inventory. 

Through our experience, we have found that cleaning a piece of sterling silver jewelry before it becomes too tarnished is absolutely imperative to preserving its quality and shine. We have also found that if a piece is exposed to the air for an extended time or routine cleaning is not performed with the above steps, sterling silver becomes heavily tarnished and removing this tarnish is difficult or impossible no matter what cleaning methods are used. 

We love our jewelry. We hope you do too, so please take good care of it!