Happy Holidays and Happy New Year 2017!

Hi everyone!

Would like to wish everyone a wonderful and joyous holiday season filled with all things good and sweet. Happy New Year 2017 to all..good health and prosperity. A wish for a safer, peaceful world is certainly in order where all people are able to get along, be more charitable, more gracious and more tolerant of our differences. For imperfection is the beauty of 'life'..a chance of learning about those around us.

The past year 2016 has been a hard year for many…We have lost so many in the music industry (David Bowie, Leonard Cohen, Leon Russel and many more..too many to mention)..people that have become part of our pattern of life..and when we lose them...its absolutely though we've lost a part of us...which actually...we have. But as always, it's up to us to keep these spirits alive and well in our hearts and daily living...therefore..still keeping the energy going forward...

As for Noah and myself, we have been busy with the holidays being fortunate to share these days with friends and family. A chance to sit and share a meal at the same table is now days a blessing considering everyone's busy schedules.

As for Silver Spirit Design LLC, we are continuing to create new innovative custom designed sterling silver jewelry...earrings, necklaces, and bracelets. Getting ready for Valentines Day is first on our list since believe it or not....its actually right around the corner! We also have begun creating our wholesale department for those who may be interested...please keep posted for our news!

Again, we are wishing everyone a very happy and safe holiday and a Happy New Year 2017! 

And thank you in advance for visiting us here at our website! 

We love seeing you!

safe holidays!

Marlene and Noah

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January 03, 2017

Congratulations for your Silver Spirit Design : Deligtful !

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