July 01, 2018


We're out and About..come join us at The Collingswood Farmers Market-SATURDAY, JULY 14th, 2018!

Come Join Us!

Its snow or freezing rain ...a great time to come and join us again at the Collingswood Farmers Market .. as we will be there as THE FEATURED ARTIST OF THE WEEK between the hours of 8am to 12 noon

For those of you who are enjoying a morning out among the fresh farm vegetables and wonderful organic treats, we invite you to stop by our booth. We will have with us our unique and one of a kind .925 Sterling Silver earrings, and some extra special new and one of kind jewelry pieces..All New..Just for YOU!

We welcome you to take a look for that special something for that special someone...making a perfect gift for any occasion!

Stop by..we'd love to see you there!

Marlene and Noah

Silver Spirit Design LLC


May 29, 2017


upcoming shows-Collingswood Farmers Market

Come join us again!

We have been invited back to Collingswood as the Featured Artist of the Week!

Just wanted to let everyone who may enjoy a short morning out for fresh vegetables and organic treats to come join us at the Collingswood Farmers Market on Saturday July 8th, between the hours of 8am to 12 noon. 

We have been honored to be the featured artist at the market that week...We will have with us our unique and one of a kind .925 Sterling Silver earrings, our fabulous bookmarks for all the readers out there, and our wonderful greeting cards (our original art)...that special something for that special someone...making a perfect gift for any occasion!

Stop by, we'd love to see you there!

Marlene and Noah



May 29, 2017


Thank you for a great show this past weekend at Collingswood!

Just wanted to say thank you for everyone for joining us at the MayFair Show in Collingswood this past weekend. I'm sure you all enjoyed the music, the huge selection of vendors, the food, the rides for the kids and the the car show to the bigger kids!

And, as always so nice to see so many familiar faces! Wishing everyone a safe Memorial Day Holiday! Happy Monday to you!

Marlene and Noah

May 24, 2017


Come join us this weekend in Collingswood, NJ for MayFair 2017

Hi Everyone!

Getting ready for our show ..and certainly looking forward to it...

It's almost around the corner and the weather should be fantastic!..(no rain)...

Come visit us at the Mayfair Show 2017 in Collingswood NJ..(on Haddon Ave)..this Saturday (May 27th) from 10:00am to 5:00pm!
(We are located at space between Lincoln ave and Woodlawn ave)..we will have Unique and One of a Kind .925 Sterling Silver Earrings, Custom designed Stone Bracelets, (NEW)..Unique and one of a Kind Hand Painted Bookmarks (NEW) and our special boxed Greeting Cards (Original abstract artwork)
There will be many wonderfully talented vendors, music, food, arts and crafts and fun for all!
Come join us for a nice day out...
We would love to see you!
Noah and Marlene
Silver Spirit Design
February 03, 2017


Definition of the Word: "HANDMADE"

Often times when we explain to people that our unique jewelry designs are completely 'handmade'..even down to the earwires and jumprings...the return comments are oftentimes something like this: "Why on earth would you spend the time and energy making these silly little jump rings by hand...when you can just run out and purchase a bag of them and be done?"..Well, if anyone remembers the days when things were only made by hand..not by machine or a manufacturing plants..(along with those wonderful 'imperfections' that made everything so 'special'..).I'm sure they are missing those generous times when we bought something and actually 'knew' that no one else had the same identical thing. Back then...we probably all took that for granted. But for today's times..when everything is mass produced and the likelyhood that there are a million of the same item that we just bought...and everyone and their mother may be walking around wearing the same dress, the same shoes, the same hat..the same shirt...individuality has been forever lost....

Therefore it is our utmost pleasure to continue to spend the time and energy to make every little part of every piece of our jewelry by hand....from hand cut and textured Sterling Silver sheet straight Sterling Silver wire into serious earwires and those fabulous little Sterling Silver jump rings that continue to make all of designed jewelry unique and one a kind.


a very special thought to keep our own individuality..our own....

Be a trendsetter yourself ..


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January 18, 2017


Starting out the New Year :)

Hi everyone!..Well, the holidays have come and gone..again...and the new year is finally here...hoping everyone sailed through them with ease and had a chance to be surrounded by good friends and family.

Noah and I have been busy still tailoring our website to exactly what we would like. We have changed the website to provide better security through encryption over HTTPS (Your information remains confidential because only your browser and the server can decrypt the traffic )

Also, we have decided to simplify our jewelry designing to mainly earrings since our customers have made that decision for us..It's the earrings! earrings! earrings! that they love!!!

Interestingly enough...designing our earrings is the most challenging of all the designed jewelry that we create..simply because the need to make TWO nearly exact (as close as we can) pieces is totally a order to have a set of earrings that actually match...

But in the fact that they are the most challenging...they are also the most creative for us because we can do so many different designs...! They are enjoyable to work on and exciting at the end result..

Thank you everyone for all your feedback! (and your our site is changing)

We've added some new and interesting things...


And since the Valentines Day holiday is fast approaching...we are busy getting ready for that...and so we are having a Valentines Day Special Offer...(for a limited time only)..:All customers will receive a complimentary box of our own original artwork Greeting Cards (they are blank on the inside for your convenience to write as you please)..with your order of $150 or more! (Please find more info about our artwork and our greeting cards within our website by going to:

These cards are very special to us since they feel like a 'pay it forward 'share' for all our customers that have them..since they too are so much a part of us..each design being very individual to both Noah and myself...another 'creation' so to speak...

We hope they are enjoyed by is our handmade jewelry...


(or maybe you would like to treat yourself to something special?)

Be Unique! Be a Trendsetter! Be Yourself!


We are also on instagram so please make sure you check us out there as well @silverspiritdesign

So glad to see you here...thanks so much  for listening!

Happy Wednesday!


Noah and Marlene







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December 26, 2016

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Happy Holidays and Happy New Year 2017!

Hi everyone!

Would like to wish everyone a wonderful and joyous holiday season filled with all things good and sweet. Happy New Year 2017 to all..good health and prosperity. A wish for a safer, peaceful world is certainly in order where all people are able to get along, be more charitable, more gracious and more tolerant of our differences. For imperfection is the beauty of 'life'..a chance of learning about those around us.

The past year 2016 has been a hard year for many…We have lost so many in the music industry (David Bowie, Leonard Cohen, Leon Russel and many more..too many to mention)..people that have become part of our pattern of life..and when we lose them...its absolutely though we've lost a part of us...which actually...we have. But as always, it's up to us to keep these spirits alive and well in our hearts and daily living...therefore..still keeping the energy going forward...

As for Noah and myself, we have been busy with the holidays being fortunate to share these days with friends and family. A chance to sit and share a meal at the same table is now days a blessing considering everyone's busy schedules.

As for Silver Spirit Design LLC, we are continuing to create new innovative custom designed sterling silver jewelry...earrings, necklaces, and bracelets. Getting ready for Valentines Day is first on our list since believe it or not....its actually right around the corner! We also have begun creating our wholesale department for those who may be interested...please keep posted for our news!

Again, we are wishing everyone a very happy and safe holiday and a Happy New Year 2017! 

And thank you in advance for visiting us here at our website! 

We love seeing you!

safe holidays!

Marlene and Noah

September 09, 2016


Brandywine Festival

Due to a terrible case of stomach flu for Noah, unfortunately we will not be able to attend the show at the Brandywine Festival of the Arts this weekend.This has been a last minute change of plans. We've been looking forward to meeting everybody at the festival, and doing this show.. but illness has made this quite impossible. Its no fun being sick, and we apologize for any inconvenience to our customers. And to all that wanted to come see us....we are so sorry to not be able to be there. Thank you everyone for your kind thoughts and well wishes!

Have a wonderful weekend and we hope to see you at our next show!

Noah and Marlene

September 08, 2016


Come Visit us at Brandywine Festival of the Arts!

Come visit us at Brandywine Festival of the Arts!

We will be at the annual Brandywine Festival of the Arts this weekend September 10th and 11th. A fabulous Fine Arts/Crafts Show with exhibitors that are incredibly creative, talented and present awesome original works of art in all facets of the art world. Please come join us for an enjoyable and fun day- 

Hope to see you there!

August 27, 2016


Pendants and Newly Designed Necklaces Listed

We've been busy getting just the right photos of our newly designed necklaces and pendants. Several new necklaces have been listed along with six unique pendants! Our designs feature sterling silver with gorgeous semi-precious stones. 

Please go to to view our necklaces and to view our pendant designs.


-Noah and Marlene